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Education Welfare Services we Offer...

  • Time / Bespoke

    Schools/Local Authorities can have the option to purchase 'time' from Education Welfare Management Limited. This could be either a time commitment of a half/whole day on a regular basis or time to complete a one-off piece of attendance - based work or project. Alternatively other 'time packages' can be agreed.

  • Partnership Working With Schools

    Education Welfare Management Limited understands that in this current economic climate it may be more cost-effective for schools to buy-in Education Welfare Management services across a Partnership of schools. Schools within the Partnership can then decide on the priority of work across their area, secure in the knowledge that all those Partnership schools have access to attendance support according to individual need and on a regular basis.

  • Strategic Support for Senior Leadership Teams - School Attendance Management

    Education Welfare Management Limited can offer the option for Schools to buy-in strategic attendance management support for their Head Teachers/Attendance Leads on a regular basis. In simple terms this would afford senior staff time to focus on teaching, learning and other equally important management responsibilities within their school. Head Teachers/Attendance Leads can then be assured that attendance data is regularly examined to identify trends and solutions can be offered to address attendance issues in a consistent and timely manner.

    Education Welfare Management Limited will be able to offer an external challenge to schools in relation to elements regarding attendance within the Ofsted framework.

  • Quality Assurance for Local Authorities

    Education Welfare Management Limited offer a Quality Assurance Service to Local Authorities with regard to quality assuring that all Education Welfare Service and school-based evidential paperwork is correctly presented and in the appropriate format prior to sending to the Local Authority's Legal Services Team and onwards to Court.

  • Governors Training - School Attendance Management

    Education Welfare Management Limited can offer Training for School Governors in attendance management, related to the needs of individual schools. Education Welfare Management Limited can update Governors in relation to any legal changes/impending changes that may impact on their school's attendance management processes and policy. Additionally Governors can be advised of initiatives in which they can become involved in efforts to reduce persistent absenteeism in their school. Training can be offered as a twilight session or an evening session dependent on the requirements of the Governors concerned.

  • Parental Meetings / Home Visits

    Education Welfare Management Limited can offer half/full day slots to individual schools or Partnerships where they can confidently meet with parents or pupils to explain legal implications of unauthorised absence and assess whether further support from school or a referral to other outside Agencies is appropriate. Education Welfare Management Limited can prepare a short written report for every individual meeting and can prepare a relevant and appropriate initial written referral to an outside Agency, e.g. CAMHS or the School's Community Paediatrician as part of this package. (This would not include preparation of CAF paperwork.)

  • Early Years Intervention

    Statutory schooling does not start until the term after a child's fifth birthday but it is vital that parents/carers realise that school attendance is important right from the start. Education Welfare Management Limited can offer formal meetings/presentations with parents/carers of pre-statutory school age pupils regarding the legal requirement for school attendance.